Baltimore-Washington Industrial & Logistics Forecast

Avalon Energy Services is pleased to announce it is co-sponsoring Bisnow’s July 24 educational networking event, “Baltimore-Washington Industrial & Logistics Forecast: How Quickly is the Market Actually Growing and Can You Capitalize on It?”  Topics to be discussed include:

  1. With more and more companies adapting to an e-commerce model, are they prepared for the industrial world? Are they making educated decisions in their industrial moves, leases and logistics?
  2. As more developers grow their industrial portfolios, will this create healthy competition for the marketplace?
  3. How will the trucking labor shortage impact drayage costs? Will self-driving vehicles play a role in shipping?
  4. As vacancy rates continue to decline, how high will rent rise?
  5. Is there a chance we are over estimating e-commerce’s growth, or will its exponential growth continue as expected by many?

Find more information about this exciting event here.  Friends of Avalon Energy Services can receive 20% off the price of admission by using the following code: AES20S31XL.

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