There is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to energy management, and energy options can be complicated – but they don’t have to be. Avalon Energy Services enhances your knowledge and gives you the power to manage energy on your terms.

Energy can be one of an organization’s most significant expenses, with not only financial but also environmental and social implications. We provide commercial, industrial, institutional, and government clients a complete set of services that will keep them running efficiently and saving money on their energy bills. Whether you are interested in energy procurement, an energy efficiency audit, a sustainability study, benchmarking, developing onsite generation or developing a custom energy management strategy, we make sure you can achieve energy on your terms.

Why Avalon Energy Services?


thinkers who look at your situation to identify measures that fit your needs.


solutions customized to your needs and project.


professionals putting their expertise to work for you.

Our Services

Energy Procurement

Managing energy supply can be a significant component of a business’ operations. Whether your priority is saving money, price certainty, or going green, we are here to assist you in getting energy on your terms.

Energy Efficiency Audits

Businesses need every advantage to stay competitive, and improving the energy efficiency of your facilities or operations may provide just the advantage you need.

Energy Consulting

The options are nearly endless in terms of managing your company’s energy needs, and Avalon Energy Services can help you sort through the possibilities.

Sustainability Studies

Many organizations evaluate success on more than financial information. Assessment of environmental and social impacts is now considered fundamental to operating responsibly.


Benchmarking refers to the process of documenting the energy and water usage of a building, standardizing that information, and comparing it to other buildings of similar use.

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